Nanda Kishore Bal

Nanda Kishore Bal (1875–1928), was an Indian poet and contains good knowledge in divine scriptures. He was born in a village in the Cuttack district of Odisha. His birth name was Rasananda Jena. His aunt showered her love and affection with him, and he was brought up under her care and he was named as Nanda Kishore Bal. His parents were ardent devotees of Lord Krishna, and Nanda Kishore was born due to the grace of Lord Krishna.

Nanda Kishore Bal used to write poems on natural scenery, greenery and festivals. He wrote lot of spiritual poems and poems based on social issues.


1. Nirjharini

2. PalliChitra

3. Basanta-Kokila

4. Tarangini

5. Charuchitra

6. Nirmalya

7. PrabhataSangeeta

8. SandhyaSangita

9. Krishna Kumari

Nanda Kishore Bal also worried much about the sufferings of the people, and he used to pray to Lord Krishna to relieve the people from their miseries and sorrows. He has expressed his deep love on people, and mentioned in his poems also.

Kanakalata is a novel written by Nanda and published in the year 1925. In this novel, he mentioned the evils of the dowry system, the sufferings of the child-widows, and the ill-treatment of the women by her husbands and her in laws.

He died in the year 1928, and is still living in the form of his great poems.

Let us praise the great man.


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