When to do Namakarana, Naming Ceremony (Cradle Ceremony)

Naming Ceremony in Hinduism

Naming Ceremony in Hinduism

When to do Namakarana, Naming Ceremony (Cradle Ceremony)? Namakarana is the naming ceremony celebrated for the new-born baby within 5 months time after the baby’s birth.

What are the best days for Namakarana samskara?

On 11, 21, 29 days or in odd month after the baby birth, the naming ceremony should be celebrated.

If a baby was born on 1st January, then the auspicious days to celebrate Namakarana samskara are – 11th January, 21st January, 29th January or the 3rd month, or the 5th month of the baby.

Auspicious time for Namakarana ceremony…

In general, the auspicious time of Namakaranam is by 12’0 clock in the noon.

For Namakarana muhurthams, Ashtama Shuddhi and Lagna Shuddhi are very much essential.

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