When to do Namakarana, Naming Ceremony (Cradle Ceremony)

Naming Ceremony in Hinduism

When to do Namakarana, Naming Ceremony (Cradle Ceremony)? Namakarana is the naming ceremony celebrated for the new-born baby within 5 months time after the baby’s birth. What are the best days for Namakarana samskara? On 11, 21, 29 days or in odd month after the baby birth, the naming ceremony should be celebrated. If a […]

Annapraasana Pooja Items List

Annapraasana Pooja Items List – the list of material needed for Annaprasana Pooja is given here.¬†Annapraasana is the ceremony to mark the First Time Feeding to baby. Annaprasana is celebrated with utmost gusto in traditional Hindu families. The list of items needed for Annaprasana Pooja…. turmeric powder – 100 grams kumkum – 1 packet sandal […]