Nakeerar (Nakkiranar | Nakkirar | Nakkiranar)

Nakeerar (Nakkiranar, sometimes spelled Nakkirar or Nakkiranar) was a famous Tamil poet who lived before two thousand years. He wrote several Tamil poems.


Nakeerar was a famous poet and the author of the famous poem known as “TiruMuruka Aatruppadai”, which was written by him in praise of Lord Muruga. He was a great scholar and a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Many kings and the common people were very fond of his poems, and all of them respected and honoured him for his great knowledge.


Once a pandiyan king announced a price money,for the writers of the best poem. A poor poet prayed to Lord shiva for winning in the competition, and Lord Shiva came in the form of a poet and gave a best poem to him. The poor poet met the king and read his poem. The king was very much pleased with his poem, and decided to gift him gold coins. But the royal poet, Nakeerar stopped the king from giving the gold coins to the poet, and further told that the poem contains lot of mistakes.

The poor poet met Lord Shiva who was also in the form of a poet, and told to him about the incident in a worrying manner. Lord Shiva himself took the form of a poet, and approached the royal court, and asked Nakeerar to point out the mistake in his poem, and opened his third eye, but Nakeerar couldn’t with stand the heat and prayed to him. But yet he suffered from the burns caused by the fire emitted from the third eye. Lord Siva advised him to do a penance to recover from it.

While he was doing penance, he was caught by a demoness, and he was thrown into a cave prison along with other prisoners.The other prisoners were crying for saving their lives.

Nakeerar comforted them, and told that he would pray to Lord Muruga, and he would help them. Nakeerar sang a poem in praise of Lord Muruga. Then by the grace of Lord Muruga, the demoness also got released from a curse which turned her into a demoness. After that all the prisoners were released, and the poem became a popular one.


Nakeerar was a famous poet and also a soft natured person, who was still living in the hearts of the Tamil people, and all of his admirers. He is well known for his bravery. He was brave enough to find fault with Lord Shiva’s poem. Though the way he behaved is not well and good, but the courage which he has got is well appreciated by the people. Let us pray to this great poet to reduce our problems in our life, and be blessed.


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