Naga Sadhus’ Mahatmyam | How Naga Sadhus protected Sanatan Dharma from Foreign invaders

Maha Kumbh Mela baba

Maha Kumbh Mela baba

Naga Saints would mostly live in and around mountains. Naga Sadhus are described in ancient texts as worshiping Lord Shiva in the form of Pashupatinath. The great king Alexandar also met Naga Sadhus and received their blessings. Buddha and Mahavir were very much impressed with the meditation of Naga Sadhus, and their devotion on Lord Shiva.

During the Mughal attacks in India, Naga Sadhus fought with them in order to maintain the Sanatana Dharma in India.

For becoming a Naga Sadhu, the following rules must be observed.

1) Life-long Celibacy and Penance.

2) Service to the god and to the people.

3) Not to commit sins.

4) Protection of Shiva devotees from dangers.

5) Deep meditation on Lord Shiva.

Naga Sadhus would perform Last Rites for themselves by considering they are dead for their family and society. It is like taking a new birth after becoming a Naga Saint. Naga Sadhus had safeguarded Hinduism and India from foreign rulers. They mostly live in the Himalayan Caves and they would appear during the time of the Kumbh Mela. They appear with the divine Trishul of Lord Shiva, sword and other weapons in their hands. They never disturb or kill any innocent people of the Society.

Naga Sadhus appears in half clothed, and some would be naked. They apply all over the body with the ashes of burning of dead bodies. They are considered as the strict followers of Lord Shiva. Some Naga saints would smoke.

They do not prefer to live near the common people since they would feel that their attention would be diverted in worldly affairs. They also wanted to attain salvation after their death. They would strictly follow their principles, and live their live cheerfully.

Let us praise the great Naga Sadhus.

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