Naga Panchami during Margasira Masam

Naga Panchami is also observed during Margasira masam or Margashirsha month in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka. In 2016, Margasira Naga Panchami date is December 4.

Devotees consider Naga Panchami, Subramanya Shasti and Mitra Saptami or Surya Saptami are the three auspicious days to worship the deities for better health and wellbeing of the family. Naga devatas (snake gods), Lord Subramanya and Surya bhagwan are worshipped for good health during these days.

The important Nagula Panchami is observed in Shravana masam in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Nagula Chavithi is celebrated during Kartika masam in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Why Naga Panchami is also celebrated in Margashira masam?

Margashira masam is an important month in farming or for formers. During the month, crop production and cultivation will be in high peek. Very often we can see snakes in farmyards. To pacify the bad effects of sarpa dosha or to get good crops and yields, farmers pray to snake gods.

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