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Nachiketa was the son of the sage Vajashravasa and was very spiritual in nature similar to that of his father. He has got cleared his doubts with the god of Death, Yama. Nachiketa is noted for his deep interest in devotion to god and was interested to attain the path of moksha. He is also mentioned in the Rigveda, and also in other ancient Hindu sacred texts, and tells the details about his conversation with Lord Yama.

Once he noticed his father had donated only old and sick cows to the Brahmins, and asked his father to donate him also, since he was also the property of the father.His father has got angry with him, and said that he will give to him in the hands of Lord Yama.

Hence Nachiketa went to Lord Yama’s place, but since yama was unavailable at that place, he waited therefor few days without taking food and water. After few days, Yama arrived to his place and told to Nachiketa, to ask three boons from him. Nachiketa first asked for peace of mind for his father and well as for himself. Next, Nachiketa learned the details of various homams. For his third boon, He wanted to about the life after death.

Lord Yama’s quotes are as follows:-

1. One should realize himself through his soul, which only can lead him to the path of heaven.

2. Only our body will get destroyed and not our soul.

3. We will not get moksha only by reading divine books.

4. We should know the difference between our soul and our body, and must act accordingly.

5. Proper understanding the Self only will relieve us from the cycle of rebirths.

6. Realize the self by filling the thoughts of god in your mind.

7. Through the thoughts of god, definitely you can reach the path of heaven.

After knowing about the details from Yama, Nachiketa has attained MOKSHA. Nachiketa was considered as one of the most famous person in Hinduism, and he was praised by Swami Vivekananda and appreciated for his boldness and wisdom.


He was a brave person, who met Yama directly at his place itself and asked his doubts. Through him, we have understood the meaning of self-realisation, and also the importance behind it. He was also praised by the divine gods in heaven for his courage and wisdom. He also learnt all the divine scriptures at his younger age itself, and was a very active person. He also occupies in the place of child devotees like Bhakta Prahlada, Dhruva and Markandeya.

Let us worship the great divine child and be blessed.


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