Naag Panchami celebrations in Kanpur

Naag Panchami, the popular festival to worship Naga and to perform Naga Puja, is celebrated on 11 August 2013 with religious fervor and gaiety in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Except Gujarat and Bengal, all Hindus in India have celebrate Naag Panchami on 11th. It is to note that Gujarati will celebrate Naag Pancham 2013 on 25th August.

Times of India published:

KANPUR: The festival of Naag Panchami was celebrated with religious fervour in Kanpur on Saturday. People worshipped snakes and thronged Shiv temples like Kherapati Temple (Phool Bagh), Naageshwar Temple (Balu Ghat), Naag Vasuki Temple (Buddha Devi) and Anandeshwar Temple (Parmat) etc.

A big fair was organised near Kherapati Temple inPhool Bagh area where people visited in huge numbers. Snake charmers were seen doing a brisk business and demanding good bucks from the devotees.

This temple is one of the oldest temples in the city. It was decked up with lights and ‘sarp sringar’ was also done. Naag Vasuki Temple in Buddha Devi area also witnessed a huge gathering of devotees.

The priest at Kerapati Temple said, “The festival falls on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the Shraawan month. People worship snakes and offer them milk. People who seem to be having ‘kaal sarp dosh’ also worship snakes and god Shiv in order to subdue or end its negative effect.”

People in rural areas celebrate Gudiya festival on this day. Children beat up cloth-made dolls as part of this festival. Women sing folk songs and apply mehndi on hands. People also indulge in kite flying (patang baazi) on this day. Therefore, the sky was inundated with colourful kites on Saturday in Kanpur.

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  1. Mithran says:

    y gudiya is celeberated on naag panchmi in uttar pradesh

  2. Nadiya says:

    Why we beat gudiya at the occasion of nagpanchami

  3. Greeshma says:

    why gudiya is beaten in festival of gudiya

  4. Lajwati says:

    Why do we celebrate the festival gudiya in up