Ayanavaram Mulakaliamman Temple, Chennai

Arulmigu Mulakaliamman Temple is a temple dedicated to Amman and it is located in Ayanavaram, near Noor Hotel Bus Stand. During the year 2008, few more shrines were added to this temple. Though this is a small sized temple, but the Amman located in the main shrine is considered to be very powerful and beautiful. Devotees those who are unable to worship Ma Kalikambal Temple at Parrys can worship this Amman.

As per ancient legend, once the present place of the temple was covered with full of snake burrows. In that burrows, even some divine snakes from the underworld also called as Patala Loka were lived. People who visit this place would pour milk and offer eggs to the snakes present in the burrows.

Once when a person tried to offer milk to the snakes, he heard a divine voice from the snake burrow, and it said, “Hey my dear devotee, we are all very thankful to you, for offering food for a long time. Now it is our time to go back to the Naga Loka. After we leave from this place, please construct a small temple for Ma Shakti Devi, and give the name for that Amman Temple as “MULAKALIAMMAN””.

On hearing the strange voice from the snake burrow, the devotee immediately told about this incident to the landlord of that place. With the help of few villagers, the then landlord, had removed the burrow after a few days, and as per the wishes of the Naga Devata, he also built a small temple for Amman and named it as “MULAKALIAMMAN TEMPLE”.

Those who suffer from snake bites or from poisonous and unknown diseases are advised to visit and worship this famous “MULAKALIAMMAN TEMPLE”. People who suffer from Naga Doshams are also advised to visit this temple, by performing Archanai and Abhishekham to the holy Amman. Unmarried people and childless couples are advised to visit this temple in order to fulfil their wishes.

I have once visited this wonderful Mulakaliamman Temple during the year 2008, and had nice Darshan of the divine mother.


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