Muktidwar Saptami Vrat

Muktidwar Saptami is an highly auspicious yet a rare Vrata. It is observed on a Saptami tithi which falls during Hasta Nakshatra or Pushya Nakshatra.

On this day, the performer of the Vrata brushes teeth with Arka branch by meditating on it for Surya Bhagawan.

In front of house, cow dung water is sprinkled. And with Lal Chandan, draw ‘Lotus flower with 16 Petals’ and upon each petal one God is meditated and installed (Pratishtapan and Avahan).

After Avahan, Shodashopachar Puja is performed. On this Vrata day, the performer observes fasting (Upvaas). And till one year, any of the Shadraso [6 Juices of food – Sweet (Madhur), Salt (Lavan), Sour (Amla), Pungent (Katu), Bitter (Tikta) and Astringent (Kashaya)], is consumed for two months.

In the beginning of the 13th month, Vrata Parana is observed by donating a Kapila cow (Kapila Go Daana).

The prime merits of this Vrata are – Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Moksha (Salvation).

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