Mukkoti Chakratheertham in Tirumala Srivari Temple – 11 December 2016

Mukkoti Chakratheertham in Tirumala Srivari Temple – 11 December 2016..

One of the significant festivals at Srivari Temple of Tirumala, the Chakra Theertha Mukkoti will be observed on December 11.

The sacred Chakratheertham is located, few kms away in the southern direction of Srivari Temple on the Sheshagiri hill ranges.

As per the tamil Karthika masam on the suddha dwadasi day, the chakra theertham mukkoti event is celebrated every year attracting large number of devotees.

After the morning and afternoon rituals the priests and other temple officials along with devotees will come to the Chakratheertham to the accompaniment of holy drums and traditional music. They perform abhisekham, flower decorations and aradhana to the Sri Chakrathalvar, Sri Narasimha sawmi and Sri Anjaneys swami idols at the Chakra Theertham. They will return to Srivari Temple after harati in the evening.

Legends speak of how Lord Venkateswara helps a devotee who was meditating for 12 years at Chakra theertham with his Chakrayudham when troubled by a demon. He leaves his Chakrayudham at the same location to guard the righteous people and hence is named as Chakra theertham.

According to Varaha Puranam chakra theertham is one of the seven prominent theertham in the Sheshagiri hill ranges which was home to allegedly 66 crore theerthams.


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