Muchukunda Rishi

Muchukunda, was the son of King Mandhata, and he was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, also known as Suryavamsha.

The important kings of this dynasty were Harishchandra, Dileepa, Raghu and Sri Rama.
Once King Muchukunda helped the demigods, and fought against the demons for a long period of time.And finally, he was succeeded in the battle. And since, due to the fight with the demons for a long period of time, he didn’t sleep properly and asked the boon of sleeping for some time, in order take proper rest.

Lord Indra granted the boon, and he had chosen a cave on the Ananthagiri hill in the present day Telangana, and slept peacefully. And he was also granted the boon, that those who disturb him from his sleep would be burnt into ashes.

At that time, a great warrior king, Kalayavan who went into the cave, where Muchukunda was sleeping and thinking him that he was his enemy Krishna, he disturbed him, by kicking him on his leg. Due to the boon, as soon as Muchukunda saw Kalayavan, he was burnt into ashes.

Then Lord Krishna, who was hiding in the cave, appeared in front of Muchukunda and blessed him.

Then as per the advice of Lord Krishna, Muchukunda went to Badarika Ashram and done severe penance on Lord Krishna, and attained SALVATION. The River Muchukunda, also known as Musi River is a tributary of Krishna River in the Telangana state in India. It flows through Hyderabad.

Let us worship the great king Muchukunda and be blessed.

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