Moral values in Daily Life

The term that is librelly used in Scriptual text –Dharma– can be defined as “morality” or ‘righteous conduct’. It is not commodity that can be obtain on payment.

On the other hand, it is an integral part of man’s life. If served from him, disastrous consequences woll follow. Man often behaves insane and act against established norms because of his disrespect to this value.

The need of follow the law of righteousness has been repeatedly emphasised in derives its strength from the Vedas, which are but revelationss of god. Hindu religion is not the contribution of any individual. It refers the quintessence of ancient wisdom, is valied always and applicable to all mankind. As sich “Dharma” should never be violated.

But invariably it may be noticed that people conduct worship there houses for an hour or so and go through variousausterities but during the rest of the dsy, adopt decietful means and cheat and other , whatever may be their sphere of activity, forgetting the very purpose of their erlier prayers to God. They feel that the pooja they have conducted will offcet the effects of the violationof the moral code while they are engaged in the irrespective professions.

There is a big hiatus between our personal life and moral activities. Because of this factor, people act selfish, turn cruel and behave perversely. People to visit temples and carry out other types of religious duties but do not regidly follow the rules of Virtue in their trade or official business.

Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swami of Pejawar in a discourse said moral values cannot be seperated from man’s day-to-day functions. Every act of his should be dedicated to god and descharged only in a righteous maner. Others should not be defrauded or cheated.

The purpose of observing religious ausrerities is ti apply the moral Law in the profession that one prctises. Dharma is what the soul is to the body. Even as to soul-less body(a corpse) is detested, a life that has moral base (not adopting the code of Ethics) is purposeless. Hence, all efforts should be taken to see that Dharma percolates.

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