Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story

Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story of Mokshada Ekadashi is explained here..

The story about Mokshada Ekadashi is narrated by Lord Krishna to the Pandava King Yudhishtira in the Brahmanda Purana.

The story of Mokshada Ekadashi goes like….

Once, a saintly king called Vaikhanasa ruled in the city of Champakanagar with total compassion treating the subjects as his own children. His subjects belonged to the Vishnu-worshipping Vaishnava sect and were very erudite in Vedic knowledge. Once in the night, the king had a dream and saw his late father being tormented in Naraka (Hell), ruled by Yama, the god of death.

The king was highly anguished and related this nightmare to his council the next day. He sought their advice as to how to free his dead father and his ancestors from tortures of Hell and grant them moksha (salvation). The council advised the king to approach the omniscient saint, Parvata Muni (“sage of the mountain”).

The sage meditated and found the reason for the hellish torture of the king’s father. He mentioned that his father had committed the sin of quarrelling with his wife and having coitus with her in her menstrual cycle, in spite of her strong protests. As a solution to rectify the situation, the sage suggested to the king to observe vrata (vow) of the Mokshada Ekadashi day.

On Moksha Ekadashi, the king observed the vrata with a complete fast along with his wife, children and relatives with full faith and devotion.

The king’s religious merit (obtained from the vrata) pleased the gods of heaven, who carried the king’s father to heaven.

Mokshada Ekadashi is compared with the chintamani, the gem that yields all desires and special merit is achieved by the vrata, by which one can elevate someone from hell to heaven or attain salvation himself.

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