Swami Mitrananda

Swami Mitrananda is an obedient disciple of Swamy Chinmayananda. He is a great scholar and a spiritual personality who is presently living in Chennai and looking after the spiritual activities of the Chinmaya Mission, Chennai centre.

Chinmaya Mission Chennai Address is:
No.2, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road
Chetpet, Chennai – 600031.

He is serving as a Teacher of the Chinmaya Mission, Chennai by teaching spiritual subjects to the students in an easily understandable manner, he is serving as a Director of All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, and he is publishing the magazine Chinmaya Udghosh for imparting spiritual knowledge among the youngsters.

Swami Mitrananda is a devotional writer, divine preacher,and acting as a guide to many youngsters across the world.He used to regularly conduct general knowledge programs and Family Quiz programmes. Swami Mitrananda spread the importance of Vedanta among the people through his religious discourses on the divine texts.

Through the Youth Empowerment Program, he has made many youngsters to achieve the desired targets in their life.While giving lectures among the students, he used to interlink the principles of Management and Spirituality.Similar to Swamy Sukhabodhananda, Swami Mitrananda is also considered as a corporate guru. He travels throughout the world, and bring happiness among the people through his mesmerizing lectures on the divinity.

Simple Quotes:

1. Read spiritual books, to get spiritual bliss.

2. Understand and read.

3. Believe the god, and praise him.

4. Lead a simple and a noble life.

5. Do charity.

6. Remove your sickness by developing briskness.

7. Remove the thorns on your path through your wisdom.

8. Be sincere on your work.

9. Respect others.

10. Uplift the poor and the down trodden people.

Let us praise the great person and be blessed.


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