Mind is a Monkey

Human mind is like a monkey. Similar to the monkeys climbing from one tree to another, our mind also would keep thinking about lot of things within a short period of time. Controlling our mind is not an easiest job.

Even if we start doing meditation, lot of things would be stored into our mind, and we would not able to perform proper meditation. In case of people who suffer from physiological problems, some known or unknown persons face would get stored into their mind, and they could not erase the face from their mind. Due to that, they could not concentrate on anything in their life, and whenever they try to read any magazines or newspapers, they could not properly read it.Lot of medicines are available for curing our body related diseases, but getting a proper medicine for mind related problems is very difficult.

In order to get rid from all kinds of these problems in our life, we must show our attention on the almighty. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, in his Bhagavat Gita, “Think, Think about me alone, and don’t concentrate your attention on other worldly matters, keep worshipping me, and then you would be well protected by me”.

Lord Krishna insists us to keep our attention on him, in order to easily erase the unwanted things in our mind. We would have read in the newspapers that due to mental disturbances and mental disorders, lot of people are committing suicides. They are suffering from these types of problems since they are storing lot of garbage on their mind.

Controlling our mind is in our hands only. Doing meditation without having faith on the god is of no use. Developing bhakti on the god is not an easy job. First, we have to read lot of spiritual books for getting proper understanding about the god. Then we have to keep chanting his names, and after that, we can recite his mantras, sing his songs, and then we can start doing meditation on him.If we follow the above steps properly, then no person would suffer from physiological problems in their life, and their mind would be pure and pious.

We can also meditate on Lord Hanuman, who is a noble Vanara, and he would help us to control our mind, and would give peace of mind.


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