MIM MLA of Hyderabad abused Lord Sri Rama prior to Ram Navami

Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA of MIM Party (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) from Hyderabad abused Lord Sri Rama in very nasty way. He also harshly criticized the Babri Masjid judgement of Allahabad High Court and Supreme Court.

Prior to Sri Ram Navami Shobha Yatra in Hyderabad, the so-called Secular party’s MLA and the Andhra Pradesh Assembly’s MIM Legislature Party President Mr Akbaruddin made these comments in a Muslim meeting.

Listening to this, the crowd supported his nasty comments with cheering him… Is this the secularism?? Why the government is unable to arrest him or taking actions against him..

Here is the summary of his comments on Lord Sri Rama (in Hindi / Urdu):

“Sri Ram Kab paida huye, 9 lakh saal pehle. 8 ..10.. saal mein idhar udhar ho jatha hai… Aap bathayiye Judge sahb kehte hain 9 lakh saal pehle Ram yahan paida huwa. Ram Ki maa kaha ki rahne wali.. who Haryana ke rehne wali. Hindu tehzib se pehle bacche ko janm deneke liye ek aurat uski mayike ko aati hai. Haryana mein aaj bhi Kaushalya Puram naam ka ek gaon hain. Waha ki log kehte hai ki Ram ki janm wahi huwa hai. Ab mera sawaal hai ki.. Ram ki maa kaha kaha gayi thee kaha jane ram ko… kidher huwa uska janm. Yaha huwe waha huwe idhar huwe udher huwe..”

Here is the summary of his comments on Lord Sri Rama (in English Translation):

“When Lord Sri Rama was born, 9 lakh years ago. We even forget the incidents that happened 8.. 10 years ago. But they are stating the incidents of 9 lakh years.. During his judgement on Babri Masjid, the honorable Judge stated that Rama was born in Ayodhya 9 lakh years ago. Where Ram’s mother Kaushalya belongs to? Where she had given birth to Ram? In Ayodhya ? As per the Hindu customs, a woman gives birth to her first child at her mother’s house. In Haryana there is a town called Kaushalya Puram. The people of that town believe Lord Ram was born there. This is my question… How many places Ram’s mother went to.. and where she had given birth to Ram? Here, there….. where?”

One of the visitors of this video on Youtube commented (the one who commented is a Muslim)…

His words like “Ram Ka Baap, Ram ki Maa” and his clamorous tone proved that his upbringing is real pathetic. He has no ethics and conscience a Muslim should have and also those who clapped.

Watch the YouTube Video of this nasty incident and do comment. and share it on your social profile’s wall… 

This is a very common way for so-called secular leaders to provoke communal violence in Hyderabad and any part of India. What to do these leaders??? Are they called leaders???

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  1. Mohammad Siddhiqui says:

    His comments on Ram were very bad even unparliamentary.. Case should be filed against him.. Being a Muslim, I am against his hasty comments other religions and other religious gods.

    • Ram babu says:

      But we shud also know exactly where he was born?what was his teachings? why he is god what did he do to become god? so that we can also become god.


      True the derisive way in which he spoke is somewhat painful but the content of what he talked is not incorrect. I also heard that people of Haryana or Punjab claim Kausalya as their native and say that it is their custom to bring their daughter for the first delivery to maternal home and so Kausalya was also brought there and gave birth to Ram. Those saying this are all Hindus or Sikhs of Punjab or Haryana. And in Ayodhya also more than 2-3 places claim to be Ram janam bhumis.

      And according to Hindu mythical calendar Ram belonged to Treta Yuga (1,70,000 years ago). So you see historically the entire Ramayana is not tenable. And I can analyse and point to so many inconsistencies in Valmiki Ramayan itself. So what Akbaruddin said on this point is not incorrect but the derisive way in which he said may be objectionable. That way you should remember that Periyar (EVS Ramaswamy Naicker of Tamil Nadu) used to beat Hindu Gods and Goddesses photos with Chappals even. I don’t support Akbaruddin’s derisive way of saying these things and some other challenges – “Take away the police for 15 minutes, we will see who will overcome whom?

      Can 100 crores Hindustanis (he meant Hindus) withstand 25 Crores Muslims?” etc. I say “Are bhai, what 1000 years of Muslim invasions first, then Muslim kings and Emperors could not do how can this naughty urchin like fanatic think of or talk of doing in 15 minutes. Absurd and it only points to the mental imbalance of the speaker.” That may be a cause since anger and fury always kills self-control and thinking. That may be why Akbaruddin is almost repenting now or at least expressing his pain and grief by saying it was as if something [perhaps he meant some ‘jin’ or ‘evil spirit’ ] took possession of him at that time [I remember to have read some news to this extent].

    • MD FAISAL IMAM says:

      Mohammad siddhiqi //// saab assalamalaikum khairiyat to hai allah aapke haal pe raham kare or aapki aqal samajh khole …. pahle meri babri masjid banwa do .. uske baad show your secularism………agar aaplog itne hi secular hain or agar mandir masjid mein koi farak nahin to kyuun tordi babri masjid

      mere aankh ke samne lord Ram paida to nahin hue magar masjid mere aankh ke saamne tooti hai….bas itna janta hoon main…….SIDHIQUI SAAB BAAZ MAOQON PAR TAUR TAHZIB BHOOLNI PARDTI HAI……. EK TO MERI MASJID TORDI OR AB TAUR TAHZEEB BHI EXPECT KARTE HO….KYUN KIS BUNIYAD PE … LIVE LIKE A MUSLIM IF YOU WANT TO DIE LIKE A MUSLIM

  2. Ashok chavan says:

    The socalled secular parties getting support of MIM should rethink about their stance.. They should clear the doubts raised by true secular parties.. and common people who worship Ram as their Lord..

  3. Pratik Patel says:

    Every Hindu should spread this video and message throughout India and should get clear clarification from Congress and other fake secular organizations

  4. Arvind says:

    Ramajanma Bhumilo Ramya Rama Mandiram idhe mana deeksha idha mana mantram

    Magnificent Ram Mandir in Ram’s birth place — This is our commitment and this is our chanting..

  5. Go Raksha Seva Samithi, Hyderabad says:

    Please do attend and participate in Sri Rama Navami Shobha Yatra on 1 April 2012 at Hyderabad… Let’s fight against the fake secular communal forces. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Bhajrang Bali

  6. Akbaruddin Pahilwan says:

    Akbaruddin Owaisi got attacked by Pahilwan in 2011.. and still alive .. It is the grace of Lord Sri Ram. Don’t criticize Ram and Hinduism. This is the safest place for Muslims where they can be alive even after abusing the Hinduism and Sri Ram.

  7. mau says:

    thse never change see the world killing there own people sp its normal for them whichh ship the travell they will make hole on that shipp.,;,,


  8. Kranthi says:

    Hi all Hindhu Dharam people, why this people are talking harsh about our religion. We need to fight and build our Ram Mandir. Join all our Hindu dharam shobha Yatra in OLD CITY in evening Charminar.


  9. kumar says:

    mr Akbar gone mad.The people who call them secular are communal

  10. venkat reddy says:

    Where were the law implementers (Police) when idiot MLA Akbar was making such comments on Lord Ram. why he was not punished for making unparliamentary words in the name of minority meeting. First let him know who was his baap and who was his baap’s baap, than he can comment on the birth of Sri Ram. When he cannot remember the incident of 8-10 years back, how can he remember and call his baap as baap. I think he may be calling all them baaps who are his baaps age. may be he is right on the issue of his baap.

  11. Shiv Mishra says:

    Prophet Mohammad is not seen by anyone, neither that allah have ever seen by anyone. This religion is completely a rumor some terrorist have spread this dirty religion throughout the world. Most of the people liked to be or became muslims only because of for women test. There are no bounds for marriage. So only that dirty persons have become muslims who were keen and sickness of multi women ******, So mr. akbaruddin or fuckruddin whatever, before abusing your father Sri Ram please see in your shirt you are worshiping a terrorist who’s name was prophet mohammad.

  12. narayana says:

    That ***** Mr. Akbaruddin owaisi doesn’t know that lord rama is the lord of this universe. He is the supreme. He is sarvothama. All brahmadi devatas, Even including Lord Shiva, Adi Shakti etc., Worship him to attain grace and liberation. Even the so called allah, whom muslims call the almighty, is created by none other than lord rama. Who is that ***** ***** owaisi to comment on lord rama and the great mother KOWSALYA DEVI? his tongue should be cut into thousand pieces and he should be killed by throwing stones on him.

    India is the land of Hindus. The most sacred place on the earth. Muslims are thriving here the situation has become such that today the hindus are at the mercy of musllms. very pitiable situation. that animal owaisi must know that all the muslims are only at the mercy of LORD RAMA and they should pray and thank him every day who is the antaryami of ALLAH. CONGRESS government is not secular. They are slaves of Muslims cong govt eat muslims shit. last but not the least RAMA RAJYA WAS THE MOST SECULAR GOVERNMENT EVER. ***** owaisi better note this point.

  13. Abdul Razzak says:

    Yeah, its right that a Leader should not talk abusively about other religion,
    Its wrong to say like this, if he had to say anything he wud have told abt the unjustice of Allahabad High court, but shud not tell abt religion.

  14. vellal says:

    better he is sent to praveen togadia to learn what to speak and what not to speak about other religion in indai.

  15. Babloo says:

    He just asked a question regarding exact birth place of Sri Ram as there is a conflict among the three saadhus in ayodhya about the birth place. The saadhus pointed out three different places of birth. I accept that he usd abusive and nasty language and I condemn it, but he did not say anything wrong. If u know the answer (place of birth) plz reply to me with references. Also let me know if there exist a village kaushalyapuram in haryana or not. Plz dont take it negatively.
    Thanks, waiting for the reply.

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Dear Quadri (Babloo), if he just asked the question about the birth place of Lord Sri Rama, then there would be no conspiracy and controversy. Let me clarify this… based on an article posted in THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE.. Saroj Bala was the writer of it. Saroj is an Indian historian.
      Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya: This fact can be ascertained from several books written by Indian and foreign authors before and after the birth of Christ e.g. Valmiki Ramayana, Tulsi Ramayana, Kalidasa’s Raghuvansam, Bodh and Jain literature etc. These books have narrated in great detail the location, the rich architecture and the beauty of Ayodhya which had many palaces and temples built all over the vast kingdom.
      Ayodhya was located over the banks of Saryu River with Ganga and Panchal Pradesh on one side and Mithila on the other side. Normally 7,000 years is a very long period during which earthquakes, storms, floods and foreign invasions change the course of rivers, destroy towns and buildings and alter the territories. Therefore, the task of unearthing facts is monumental. The present Ayodhya is shrunken in size and the rivers have changed their course about 40 km north/south.

  16. MD FAISAL IMAM says:


  17. MD FAISAL IMAM says:


  18. Murali says:

    Just leave it guyz. God knows what is wrong and what is right. He will be punished if he is wrong. Don’t waste your time. These are all politics.

  19. babloo says:

    All the versions of ramayana (valmiki, tulsidas etc) are just a myth, and myth is defined as the legendery story involving some events or heroes that people believe, that does not exist and far away from facts.

    Anything can happen in myths because these are invented stories that have nothing to do with reality. (noted BJP lawyer agrees that ramayana is a fake). And even if the ramayana is based on facts (for arguement sake) then why are the prominent saadus of ayodhaya have different opinions regarding the birth place.

    U didnt answer the nativity (maika) of kaushalya devi, whether haryana, panjab or ayodhya itself or any other place.

    Is it not true that according to hindu tehzeeb the mother delivers her first baby in maika???

  20. Demira says:

    what is the date of 1ST birth of lord rama

  21. Ekalavya says:

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  22. Prajit says:

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  24. Ram says:

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  25. Suhrita says:

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  28. Patag says:

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  29. Bhishma says:

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  30. Vamika says:

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  31. Narendra says:

    haryana maa ka period ki videos you tube

  32. Airaawat says:

    shri ram was born in ayodhya or haryana

  33. Narendra Thakre says:

    It is shamelful and unnecessarily creation of tense and hate in society.there should be strict action against the people who use such voilence creating language

  34. Abdul Salam says:

    bro..the rule should be equal for all..n praveen togadiya also should be arrested..

  35. Khan Yousuf says:

    He spoke rightly as per Indian religious custom, lady come to her mother house for first delivery and her house was In Haryana. If you want to deny this truth only for building temple In Ayodhaya to satisfy RSS, Baj Rang Dal, VHP and more.

  36. Lic Ram Shankar Maurya says:

    abe sale owaisi harami jab tu apni sister ko sister nhi samajhta to india ko kya samjhega

  37. Heramb Gupta says:

    Folks, Valmiki Ramayana is the authentic and first text which describes about Lord Rama’s life. Valmiki Ramayana clearly mentions that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya. Irrespective of where Kaushalya hails from Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya. If Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi has done that much research then he should also know that Kashmir was only formed when Rishi Kashyapa drained the place and made it habitable. “The name of Kashyapa is by history and tradition connected with the draining of the lake, and the chief town or collection of dwellings in the valley was called Kashyapa-pura, which has been identified with Kaspapyros of Hecataeus (apud Stephanus of Byzantium) and Kaspatyros of Herodotus. Kashmir is also believed to be the country meant by Ptolemy’s Kaspeiria.”
    So considering these facts how can Kashmir be claimed to be an Islam state, Vedic culture existed long before Islam or idea of Islam was born. How is Mr. Owaisi planning to answer these questions!!