Mercury in 8th House | Budha in Ayushya Bhava

Mercury in 8th House, Budha in 8th house (Ayushya Bhava) – positive effects & negative effects of Mercury in 8th house?

When Mercury is in 8th house, he will be trapped in a cycle of destruction, and there will be damage to honour and wealth. He will be blamed all his life. He will have a bad period at the age of 34.

Mercury will poison the planet in House No. 2. It will also destroy fathers wealth.

When Sun is in House No. 4 or Moon is benefic it will wash off the poison of Mercury. If there are male planets with Mercury in House No. 8, or if Mars is in House No. 12, Mercury in House No. 8 will not give malefic effects.

Positive effects of Mercury in 8th house

When a male planet is conjoined with Mercury in 8th house, Mercury will not be malefic and it will give the same benefic effects as the male planet does.

When Sun, Moon or 4th house is benefic the native will be benefited at the age of 34. Ketu will be saved and mother will have a long life and articles related to Moon will be beneficial.

When Mars is in House No. 12 Mercury will not be malefic. When Mars conjoins Mercury, both will give excellent results even though they will give malefic results when they are alone in House No. 8.

When Mercury is alone in House No. 8 the native will be learned, scholar and intelligent.

Negative effects of Mercury in 8th house

The natives health will be affected through teeth and intestines even though it will help blood and eyesight. There will be loss in finances and troubles through superiors and government.

The ladies having Mercury in 8th house are termed as shameless. He will be punished for no fault of his and his wealth will be reduced to half. Sudden developments in royal affairs will result in financial loss and lead to destruction. All animate objects of Mercury will become deceptive and affect on animate items of Mars is also malefic.

When House No. 2 is blank Mercury will be malefic for 34 years causing death and misery in the family. Some, Jupiter, Mars in House No. 6 indicates the death of mother in early age.

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  1. v.dhar says:

    100% right prediction…..same was happened to me.