Matsyendranath (Yogi Machindranath)

Cradling one of the oldest civilizations India has been looked upon as an ancient and religious country. The primordial times has seen the rise of many a dynasties and individuals who rules over this nation of diverse culture and geographical distribution. One of the most ancient religion Hinduism is believed to have been founded approximately 5000 years ago on the sacred banks of river Indus. Holding hands of saints and sages who have preached and spread their knowledge to enlighten the common people, the divine and spiritual messages of Hindu religion has been practiced since.

Matsyendranatha or machindranatha is one such preacher who is known to be the founder of the Natha Sampradaya, a sect of specific yogis. Natha is a Sanskrit word that means the lord or the protector. Though ideally Guru Dattatreya is believed to be the original founder, Machindranath was the revered one to reinvent the teachings and the idealism of Natha sampradaya. Guru and Shishya parampara or practice was initiated by the Natha Sampradaya. They aim towards achieving total penance or Jivan mukti in the lifetime in itself so that they could avoid the rebirth cycle after the life ends.

Being honoured and worshipped by Hindus as well as Buddhists, Swami Machinranatha is considered as the blessed son of Shiva, the destroyer god of Hinduism. Swamiji contributed to the literary field too authoring the Kaulagyananirnaya, the first recorded text for Hata Yoga. Swami ji and his teachings were popular because they were universal and never distinguished people given to their castes. He resided in Bengal and known as Minanatha there and spread his teachings from either Chandradweep or Sandweep.

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