Matamaha Shraddha, Dauhitra Shraddha: Shraddha rituals to Maternal Grandfather

Matamaha Shraddh or Dauhitra Shraddh is observed on the day after Mahalaya Amavasya. In 2015, Matamaha Shraddha date is October 13.

It falls on the first day (Padyami – Pratipada) during the bright fortnight of Ashwin month. It is a shraddh ritual offered to maternal grandfather by the grandson.

Dauhitra is performed in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some other places by devout Hindus with prior care.

It is to be noted that there are specific Shraddh rituals are performed for child ancestors, sumangali women and for the ancestors who died accidentally.

In 2014, Matamaha Shraddha date was September 24.

In 2013, Matamaha Shraddha date was October 5.

Matamaha Shraddh 2012 date was October 16th.

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