Mars in 5th House

Mars in 5th House, Mangal in 5th House – What are the Positive effects & Negative effects of Kuja in 5th House?

When Mars is in 5th house he will be an extremely wealthy person. When Mars is negative living outside the ancestral home will make the native childless.

When House No. 10 is blank he will become very rich. Enemy planets in House No. 9, 10 will cause loss of sleep. When Moon is benefic it will also make Venus helpful for the native. All planets will reverse their sight because of power of Mars. Moon and Venus will always give benefic results.

Positive effects of Mars in 5th house

When Mars is in 5th house, all the planets positioned in House No. 3, 5, 9 will be favourable and Mars will become 5 times more favourable and the native will become wealthy as his age advances.

The planets in House No. 3 will be under the control of Mars and Mars will be benefic to the planets in House No. 9 irrespective of whether they are friends or enemies. He will be a doctor or interested in medicine. He will be blessed with a good family life and get all the comforts from his wife and progeny. He will also leave behind poverty and wealth for his children.

Negative effects of Mars in 5th house

Mars will be malefic only during night time and will affect the articles related to Ketu. They will be loss through fire and journeys. There will be less comfort from children and children may die at the age of 8 days, 8 years or 18 years. If the person resides outside his ancestral house it will make him childless.

When Mercury and Ketu are in House No. 9, 10 he will not have a sound sleep. As a remedy he should keep water on the bedside under his head to remove the malefic effects of Rahu.

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