Mars in 11th House | Mangal in House of Gains

Mars in 11th House, Mangal in House of Gains, Kuja in 11th House – what are the effects of Mars in 11th House?

When Mars is in 11th house it will be under the control of Jupiter. It will give the same results as the condition of Jupiter. After the 13th year, the effect of Mars will be as in House No. 9 irrespective of the position of Jupiter.

If Mercury, Saturn are benefic he will have a comfortable life and wealth at the age of 24.

Rahu and Ketu will give unhappiness and Saturn House No. 3 will give prosperity and Mercury in House No. 2 will give excellent results. As a remedy, keeping a pot full of honey will bring sweetness into the life.

Positive effects of Mars in 11th house

When Mars is in 11th house, the native will be blessed with power and authority and be brave person. The 13th and 28th year will be very lucky for the native. Even though he may lead a king’s life he will have a heart of a saint and will be blessed with spiritual power. The position of Jupiter will indicate the number of brothers.

Jupiter in House No. 1 to 10 will indicate that the native will have up to 9 brothers and when Jupiter is in 11th house it indicates 2 brothers and when Jupiter is in 12 house it indicates one brother. The native will have a very good time after 13 years of age. Items related to Ketu will be favourable for the native.

Negative effects of Mars in 11th house 

When House No. 3 is blank or weak or ill aspected, the native will lead a miserable life of debt, loss of ancestral property even though he may have a good income.

When Mars is negative it will cause the loss of children during the 42nd, 45th or 48 year. The items related to Mars will be harmful and unlucky and Ketu also will be unfavourable for the native.

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