Mantralayam Moola Brindavanam is under water – Heavy Flood in Mantralayam

Mantralayam is flooded with heavy rains and flushing water from Tungabhadra River. Even the Moola Brindavana of Guru Raghavendra Swamy temple is drowned in water. Temple authorities have removed the Hundi boxes from the place and shifted them to safe place. Many pilgrims who came from Karnataka are looking for some help to get rid of this water threat. They are in water since the last night.

The Hindu reports:

Around 100 pilgrims, most of them from Karnataka have been trapped in two lodges in the heavily flooded Mantralayam in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh since early hours of Friday. Around Thursday midnight water from the overflowing Tungabhadra gushed into the two lodges belonging to the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Corporation. As water entered the first and second floor rooms, inmates rushed to the terrace and they have been waiting for help since then, Padmanabha of Chickaballapur, one of the trapped pilgrims, told The Hindu over phone from Mantralayam.

According to Sridhar and Shymala, pilgrims from Bellary, there are many senior citizens and children among those trapped in the two adjoining lodges. There around 70 in one building and 25 in the other.

On learning about the plight of the trapped pilgrims, Karnatakas Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs S. Suresh Kumar, spoke to the Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh in this regard. “The DGP is aware of the situation and he informed me that IAF helicopters have been already pressed into service,” Mr. Kumar told The Hindu.

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    1. sreenath says:

      Hi. My relatives are stuck in manthralayam in a lodge filled with water. Does anyone know any helpline contact numbers to get them out of there.. Please let me know immediately…Thanks in advance. My id is

    2. Sainath says:

      My fren’s family is in a lodge which is surrounded by heavy flood. The lodge is a three storey building. the water gushed upto 2 floors already. Does anybody have any helpline number to save them. Please send the helpline number..

    3. Nagaraj says:

      My friend Guruprasad, his parents & family stuck in Mantralayam, in the floods from last 24 hours.

      They along with 40 others standing on terrace of three floor building. Water is flowing upto two floors. There are many children & aged people without without food & water from last 24 hours.

      We have no hopes of their return to Bangalore.

      Govt is busy having rescue meetings in AC rooms and rescuing VIPs from same area.

      Only god can save them..

    4. Gaja says:

      My Parents & Relatives were visiting Mantralayam; My sister who lives in India got last phone call from my parents 24 hours ago; we are desperately tracking progress/status; Please help and let us know the helpline/rescue effort phone number

    5. Vijay says:

      If you are looking at this thread and if you have helpline number, kindly let me know at My mobile: 9902418132

      Sai Prakash
      SR Lodge – Mantralayam
      2nd Floor
      Near Bus Stand
      Cell: 9962511306

      Heavily flooded and needs some emergency help.

    6. Rajaraman says:

      Please stop spreading rumours, until we have solid proof, we cannot claim that Mantralaya Brindavana is under water, all we know is Garbha Gudi is under water, does not mean Brindavana is submerged

    7. Suresh Srinivas says:

      Its looks like pralaya. only lord Ragavendra can save mantralaya. Let all pray Gururaja for safe Mantralaya.

    8. Ganapathy says:

      When people mind and thoughts are changed nature will washes away everything. All most all Ministers and MLAs are in interested to making money by wrong way… Lord will not keep silent…. Nature only will give necessary punishment to wrong doing peoples. Unfortunately, poor peoples also trapped alongwith, this is because of POORVA JANMA BABHA.. (i.e last birth crimes). We are praying god and nature we are here to do good things… we will never change our attitude and culture… please ignore all and save us…. Radhe krishna…

    9. sethumadhavan says:

      We are eager to know whether normal condition has been restored at Manthralaym and Poojas started. Whether the staff and their families and many people who are connected to the mutt are gettting their food regularly or not. If we have to send some contribution for the relif works in the mutt please furnish the address etc.


        Some volunteers and NGO organizations are doing cleaning job in Mantralayam. It is quiet now. No pujas are started yet. It takes few days to restore normal consitions in Mantralayam. The town witnessed Jala Pralaya. You can contribute through AP Government CM Relief Fund or through any NGO organization working in Mantralayam.

    10. Kaladhara Saralaya says:

      I had been to Mantralaya on 11th Oct and did some Kar Seva there. The Moola Brindavan and surrounding Prakara is almost cleaned up and the Pooja to Gururaya is going on. But outside the temple premises, it is hell every where. It would take another 6 months at least to return to normalcy. Slush has created havoc every where and this has caused extensive damages to sanitary, water and electricy connection. I think Govt shoud, help people by engaging them in relief work like cleaning, cleraing etc and pay them salaries instead of treating them as beggers. At least Rs 200 Rs per day has to be given to them so that they can have their normal food. Make teams and start clearing the debris. Govt is doing nothing except collecting money.!

    11. Anand says:

      I am planning to go to Mantralaya by 10th of Nov. How is the work expected to speed up in terms of cleanliness as do not want to catch up any disease from there.

      Pls do tell me the current status there.

    12. Sangeetha says:

      We are planning to go to mantralayam by 29th Nov 2009. I am taking my kid also. How is the condition there? Are poojas started? Can we get rooms to stay there?

    13. Vidya Shankara says:

      I am planning to go to Mantralyam tomorrow or day after. Can I take my car. How is the condition of the road and other facilities.


        Now, Mantralayam is all set for travel and pooja. You can go happily and get blessings of Lord Sri Guru Raghavendra.

    14. Prasath L Rao says:

      Dear freinds

      I am planning to visit Mantralyam on Dec 22,2009. I will be reaching early morning along with my wife and 5 year old son. Please advice where to stay and if the guest houses run by the mutt are operational.


      Prasath L Rao

    15. s.senthur selvan says:

      dear prasath u will stay pankaja paradise hotel near main arch of the temple the rent is around 450 only

    16. Kanjri says:

      famous shiva temples in andhra pradesh heavy rain

    17. Kamesh says:

      when is heavy rainfall in mantralayam in 2013

    18. Sukrant says:

      is there floods in mantralayam now in month of august 2013