Mangu Sani, 1st Sadesati cycle

Mangu Sani is the 1st cycle of Sadesati Shani. The first cycle of 7 ½ Saturn periods which occurs within the 30 years of age is called as Mangu Sani.

In the first cycle the health of the child would be affected. He would not listen to the words of family members and will involve in immoral activities.

The native’s education will be affected. Though the first phase does not do good to the child this phase would give more fortune to the father.

What is Sadesati Shani?

Whenever Saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the Janma rasi (natal moon sign) it is called as sade-sati, Ealarai naatu sani or 7 ½ Saturn period. ‘Sade-sati’ literally means 7 ½ years.

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