Janma Sani, 2nd 2 ½ years of Sadesati Shani

Janma Sani is the second 2 ½ years of Sadesati Shani Dasha. Janma Sani period begins when Saturn enters the 1st house from the Janma Rashi or natal moon. Janma Sani lasts for second 2 ½ years of Sadesati.

Effects of Janma Sani..

The native gets affected physically during this period.

Psychological worries weaken the native’s self confidence.

Family life (marital relationship) hurts badly during this period. Small issues with spouse become huge and can damage the relationship.

Problems in professional life. Transfers and problems with employer hurt the native.

Business people will be demotivated. Profits will be limited.

What is Sadesati Shani?

Whenever Saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the Janma rasi (natal moon sign) it is called as sade-sati, Ealarai naatu sani or 7 ½ Saturn period. ‘Sade-sati’ literally means 7 ½ years.

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