Mangalvaar Vrat Katha, Story of Tuesday Vrat

lord hanuman

lord hanuman

The Mangalvaar Vrat is dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman and is observed on every Tuesday  Once there lived a Brahman couple who were issue-less  They both worshipped Lord Hanuman to get a child. The husband used to go to the jungles to perform worship and the wife used to observe fast on Tuesdays to please Lord Hanuman.

One day she observed a special fast and could not offer food to Lord Hanuman during puja. She felt guilty for that and decided to fast till the coming Tuesday and then offer food to the lord first and then eat. Meanwhile, she became weak and fainted during the long fast. Lord Hanuman appeared before her in the form of a child and said she will have a beautiful son and would serve her day and night.

The lady got a beautiful son whom she named Mangal. The Brahman who returned home after a few months saw a handsome child playing in his courtyard. His wife told him about the events but the Brahmin was not satisfied and started doubting his wife. With time, his suspicion grew bigger and he bacame restless. One day when he was going to have bath in a nearby well, his wife asked him to take along Mangal also to assist him.

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

The Brahman sensed an opportunity to eliminate Mangal and took along with him to the well. He threw Mangal to the well and came back alone. When his wife enquired about Mangal, he was not able to answer. Then the lady declared that if she is a chaste woman, then her son would definitely come back to her and prayed to Hanuman.

Mangal returned in no time and the couple were surprised.Later that night, the Brahman had a dream in which Hanuman told him not to suspect his wife and Mangal was his blessing. He realised his mistake and thereafter, both of them observed fast on Tuesdays to worship Hanuman.

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  1. narmada says:

    mangalvaar vrat katha is full of anjaneya’s mahima. there is nothing impossible in this world if you perform mangalvaar vrat regularly for 8 weeks.