Mamadev | Mamaji | Village Deity in Rajasthan

Mamadev also called as Mamaji, is the rain god, and he is worshipped as the Village deity of rain in Rajasthan. He is considered to be an amsha of Lord Indra, and it is believed that he has incarnated before 1,000 years ago. Once when the village people in Rajasthan suffered due to severe drought and famine, Lord Mamaji had appeared before them in the form of a cowherd boy, and asked them to worship Lord Mamaji. The village people also done like that and performed puja to Mamaji and also installed a beautiful statue for him. Due to that, heavy rain was showered in their areas, and all the food crops were grown properly.

In course of time, the village people in Rajasthan began to construct a small shrine for Mamaji in the place where the statue of Lord Mamaji was installed. According to an ancient legend, it is said, that Mamaji was a small ruler of Rajasthan, and he is considered to be a brave warrior. During his period, he ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner, and provided all sorts of facilities to his people. He has sacrificed his life when he tried to safeguard his village people from enemy attacks.

Every year, Shivarathri would be grandly celebrated at his shrine, and during the time, all the local village people would gather along with their families, and would perform grand puja to him. Some nice devotional songs are also dedicated to him.

Some of the verses from the beautiful songs are as follows:

1. Oh! The great and the Divine Mamaji, you are the saviour for us, and only through your abundance grace, we are living our life in a prosperous manner.

2. Our entire people in Rajasthan are the slaves for you! Your sacrifice is unimaginable and unthinkable. Please give me a permanent place at your holy feet.

3. Just by merely chanting your name, we would get relieved from all types of diseases and problems in our life.

4. Oh! Mamaji, please appear before us, and make your pleasant smile and utter sweet words from your mouth.

5. Oh! The great Lord, please make us to remember you permanently in our life.


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