Make someone else feel good to get Positive Energy

If you want to feel good about yourself, make someone else feel good! It really is that simple. Perhaps it is because this idea is so simple that we sometimes forget to do it.

It seems that anytime I go out of my way to make someone else feel good, it ends up brightening my day and making myself feel better as well. It reminds me that so often the nicest things in life aren’t “things.” Instead, they are the feelings that accompany acts of kindness and nice gestures. It’s clear to me that “what goes around does indeed come around.”

Whether it’s taking the time to write a note of congratulations for a job well done, a written or verbal compliment, a friendly phone call, an unasked – for favor, a note of encouragement, or any number of other possibilities, making someone else feel good – however you do it –is almost always a good idea.

Acts of kindness and good will are inherently wonderful.

There’s an old saying: “Giving is its own reward.” This is certainly true. Your rewards for being kind and making someone else feel good are the warm, positive feelings that invariably accompany your efforts.

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