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Magha Snana Mantras – Prayers or Stotras to chant during Maagha Snanam

Maagha Snan or Magha Snanam is the auspicious deed performed by a most of the Hindus during Magha month. There are some particular mantras recited or chanted during Magha Snan – the mantra to chant before entering into water for Magh Snan, Magha Snan Sankalp Mantra, mantra to recite during the Magh Snan, and prayer to chant after performing the holy bath.

Magh Snan Sankalpa Mantra – Prayer for Magha Snana Sankalpam or Resolution:

Maagha snaanamidam punyam snaasyeham deva maadhava !

Tirthasyaasya jale nityamiti sankalpa chetasi !!

After chanting Sankalpa mantram, magha snanam is started. During the holy bath, chant the following mantra or prayer:

Dukha daaridrya naashaaya

Shrivishno stoshanaaya cha !

Makarasthe ravou maaghe govindaachyuta maadhava

Snaanenaanena me deva yathokta phalado bhava !!


Dukha daaridrya naashaaya

Shrivishno stoshanaaya cha !

Pratah snanam karomyadya

Maaghe papa vinashanam !!

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