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Purnima January 2018 date, Timings

Purnima in January 2018 is Poush Purnima (Full Moon in Poush month) and Magh Purnima (Full Moon in Magh Month) in Hindu calendar. Purnima January 2018 dates are – January 2 and January 31.

Poush Purnima is also known as Shakambari Purnima or Shakambari Jayanti. Magh Snan begins on Poush Pournima day in North India. Pushyabhishek Yatra is one of the popular rituals performed on this Purnima in Sri Krishna temples all around the world (ISKCON temples).

Purnima January 2018 Timings – 2 January

Purnima begins at 11.44 AM on 1 January and ends on 7.53 AM on 2 January.

Purnima on 2 January 2018 is also celebrated as Margazhi Pournami in Tamil Nadu.

On this day, Poush Navratri or Shakambari Navratri culminates in Shakambari temples all around India. Banashankari Navratri festival is held at Badami Banashankari Temple in Karnataka from Banadashtami to Pousha Purnima.

Poush Purnima marks the end of Poush month in North India and on the next day Magh month starts. It also marks the beginning of Magh Mela in Allahabad Prayag Sangam. Magh Mela ends on Mahashivaratri festival.

Purnima January 2018 Timings – 31 January

Purnima begins at 10.22 PM on 30 January and ends on 6.56 PM on 31 January.

Purnima on 31 January 2018 is also celebrated as Thai Pournami in Tamil Nadu.

Magha Purnima marks the end of Magh month in North India and on the next day Falgun month starts. There is Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) going to take place on Magh Purnima (31 January 2018).

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  1. Deep Adhikari says:

    On the happiest occasion of Shakambari Purnima 2016 may Goddess Shakambari bless the world people for their allround development and peace.

  2. Prasham says:

    full moon day of july -august this year 2016 sravana pournami

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    full moon day in july 2016 in malaysia