Madhva Navami 2023 | MadhvaNavami Puja

Madhva Navami or Madhwa Navami is observed on Magha Shukla Navami, the ninth day in Magha month (January – February).

In 2023, Madhva Navami date is January 29.

This festival is celebrated as the day on which Madhvacharya entered into Badarikashrama. On this day, it is believed that Madhvacharya started his ‘Prayana (journey) to Badrinath for joining his Guru Shri Veda Vyasa (approximately in 1317 A.D.). Hence the festival is also known as ‘Prayana. He never returned to his place and his devotees also believe that he is still alive there at Badrinath with his Guru Vedavyasa.

Prathoma Hanumanamah
Dwithiyo Bheemayevacha
Poornaprajna Thrithyasto
Bhagavatkarya Sadhakaha

The above shloka explains us about the three divine incarnations or avatars of Madhvacharya. The first avatar was Lord Hanuman, the mighty god in Ramayana; the second avatar was Bheema, one among the Pandavas; and the third avatar was Madhvacharya.

Madhva Navami is celebrated with utmost fervor in Madhva Sanghas, Raghavendra Mutts all over the world, and Udupi Sri Krishna Temple and Mutt.

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    according to madhva calendar griha pravesh dates in 2023-2024