Ma Pethalamman

Ma Pethalamman was born in Jameen Kodangipatti Village before few centuries ago. She was born in the Viswakarma Caste, popularly known as Acharis. It is believed that at her young age, she loved a person, got married with him though he belongs to a different caste, and due to that, her loving husband was killed by her family members itself. As a result, Ma Pethalamma had jumped into the pyre of her husband, died and become a powerful village goddess.

Pethalamma is considered to be a chaste and kind hearted woman who had showered much love and devotion on her husband. Even after she commits suicide, she didn’t punish the offenders who have killed her husband. After her death, a small temple was constructed and dedicated to her by the villagers, and still her devotees are worshipping her as the Village and guardian goddess. Her popular story would be told by the elderly people to the youngsters with tearful eyes. It is believed that during ancient times, some of her devotees used to sacrifice goats and cocks in order to satisfy her soul.

Though Ma Pethalamman has become a goddess, and still she does good things to her devotees, yet, it is our main duty to satisfy her soul, by the way of performing Annadanam to the poor people and by singing songs on Ma Shakti Devi before her temples. There is a lot of difference between a wicked soul and a good soul. While wicked soul tries to enter into the body of someone, in order to create lot of troubles to them, the good soul would either become goddess, in order to protect the devotees or otherwise, it would attain liberation.

In case of Ma Pethalamman, she has willfully become a goddess, since she doesn’t want to attain salvation. She safeguards her devotees by preventing them from committing suicides, and also protects her devotees from accidents, murders and from diseases. It is our main duty to praise Ma Pethalamman for showering her motherly affection on us, and by worshipping her we would get sure success in our life.


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