Ma Mawli | Maa Mavli

Ma Mawli is the holy mother goddess, mostly worshipped by some communities of the people living in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ma Mawli has lot of temples in the villages in Rajasthan. The favourable offering to Mawli is white rice, mixed rice like lemon, tamarind and curd rice. The holy mother willfully accepts the offerings of the village people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

As per ancient legend, Mawli was born before few centuries, and she was the daughter of the king of Nagaur. She was nicely brought up by her parents along with her siblings. It is believed, that after her death, she has become a powerful goddess like Ma Panchali Amman and Ma Angalamman. Some Villagers also witnessed her appearance during the nights, and it is believed that she would wander in the villages during night time, in order to protect the people from thieves and from evil spirits.

There is a famous temple dedicated to her in a village at Rajasthan, and the temple is known as Mahadevi Ma Mawli Temple. She also removes the diseases and gives a healthy life to her devotees. After getting married,the bride and the bridegroom in Rajasthan would visit the Mawli temple to get her immense blessings. She is also worshipped by the tribal community people in Odisha.

Lord Shiva sends his consort Ma Shakti Devi to this earth, in various forms, in order to protect the people in this difficult Kaliyuga. Worshipping Ma Shakti Devi’s various forms is similar to worshipping the great holy mother, Ma Shakti Devi, since all of her incarnations contain great powers, similar to her.

We can also watch, and enjoy the divine vision of Mata Mawli in YouTube Videos.


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