Lunar Eclipse in Bahrain April 2013, Chandra Grahan in Bahrain Time

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse of  April 25, 2013 will be visible in Bahrain (Al Manama city / Al-Manamah) and other places of Bahrain. Here is the time of the total lunar eclipse which begins in the evening on 25 April and ends in the early morning on April 26, 2013.

Timings of Chandra grahan are given in local Bahrain Time.

Lunar Eclipse in Bahrain Time for April 25, 2013…

Penumbral Eclipse begins at 9.04 PM – Visible

Partial Eclipse begins at 10.54 PM – Visible

Mid Eclipse / Greatest Eclipse at 11.07 PM – Visible

Partial Eclipse ends at 11.21 PM – Visible

Penumbral Eclipse ends at 1.11 AM on April 26, 2013 – Visible

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Lunar Eclipse in Bahrain Time for December 2011 Lunar Eclipse

Penumbral Eclipse begins at 2.34 PM – Not visible

Partial Lunar Eclipse starts at 3.46 PM – Not visible

Total Eclipse begins at 5.06 PM – Visible

Mid eclipse at 5.32 PM – Visible

Total eclipse ends at 5.57 PM – Visible

Partial lunar eclipse ends at 7.18 PM – Visible

Penumbral lunar eclipse ends at 8.30 PM – Visible

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