Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan 16 July 2019 Time | Chandra Grahan on 16-17 July in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi

Time of Chandra Grahan (Chand Grahan) Lunar eclipse on 16-17 July 2019 is given here for Pakistan cities – Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Peshwar, Islamabad, and all other places of Pakistan.

Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan in July 2019 is Pakshik Chandra Grahan (Partial Lunar Eclipse).. This Partial lunar eclipse falls on Ashada Purnima, the Full Moon day (Puranmashi) in Ashada Month, as per Hindu calendars.

Lunar Eclipse Pregnant care – what are the precautions to be taken by pregnant women during Chandra Grahan

Scientific evidences behind the rituals followed during Chandra Grahan by pregnant women 

Lunar Eclipse Timings, 17 July 2019 (Pakistan Local Time)

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins at – 11.44 PM, 16 July 2019 – Visible – Grahan Sparsha Kaal (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan starts)

Partial Lunar Eclipse begins at – 1.02 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Pakshika Chandra Grahan starts

Mid Eclipse at – 2.31 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Grahan Madhya Kaal (Madhya Chandra Grahan)

Partial Lunar Eclipse ends at – 4.00 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Pakshika Chandra Grahan Moksha Kaala

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ends at – 5.18 AM, 17 July 2019 – Not Visible – Grahan Antya Kaal (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan ends)

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