Lord Vishnu as Thirumal, Perumal

Perumal is also known as Thirumal, is the Hindu deity who is most popular or famous amongst Tamil Hindu devotees in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is to be remembered that Perumal is also another popular name of Lord Vishnu in Tamil Nadu.

There is an early mention in Sangam literature regarding this particular deity. In Tamil Sangam literature dated back from 200BCE to 500CE, it is largely mentioned as the supreme deity who is known to have create, sustain and destroy the universe. According to the Paripadal in the most superlative terms, the deity is described as the glory of Thirumal.

According to the local legends based on the Paripadal states that “The last line states that Thirumal (Lord Vishnu) is the supreme deity who is the inner controller (Antaryamin) of the entire universe. This is one of the Lord’s glories, which is first mentioned in Vedas and later propounded by Alwars in Prabhandams and Sri Vaishnavaite Acharyas in various commentaries.”

Thirumal/Perumal’s popularity in the Tamil Nadu dates back to the ancient and medieval days to the present age with new generation. It is to be highly noted that during the Sangam age, Thirumal or Perumal is the only deity who really has largely enjoyed the best status of Paramporul. According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, “Mukkol Bhagavars” in Sangam literature clearly indicates that only Vaishnavaite saints holding Tridanda existed during the sangam age and Thirumal was glorified as the supreme deity whose divine lotus feet can burn all our evils and grant Moksha (Maru Piraparukkum Maasil Sevadi). During the post-Sangam period, his worship was further glorified by the alwars and great Vaishnavite acharyas.”

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