Lord Shiva’s Jataa (Matter Hair) trapped Ganga Mata. What it signifies?

Lord Shiva’s Jataa (Matter Hair) trapped Ganga Mata. What it signifies?

Question – Gurudev, Lord Shiva’s Jataa (matted and wound locks) trap and hold the holy Ganga. Goddess Ganga is symbolic of knowledge. So then what are the matted locks a symbol of? What do they signify?

Sri Sri – See, Goddess Ganga represents knowledge. A single person cannot receive or hold so much knowledge. Only Lord Shiva can contain and uphold so much knowledge. It means only the blissful Infinity (Lord Shiva) can contain and hold so much knowledge.

A normal person can attain contentment and bliss by just a small spring of that eternal river (of knowledge). See, in a library, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge that is stored. Yet how much do you actually need to become still and content in yourself? You need just a little bit of it. You will only look into that subject or area of knowledge that you actually seek for. When only a small spring of knowledge comes forth, then it gives you joy and comfort. But if instead of that small spring, the entire river of knowledge were to flood open, then a person becomes uncomfortable ( being unable to comprehend or contain so much vast knowledge in one go).

When Lord Krishna revealed his supreme Universal form to Arjuna, Arjuna became so afraid, he started shaking all over. He pleaded to Lord Krishna, “O Lord! Please end this vast and magnificient yet equally fearful divine form and return back into your earthly form. I am not able to behold the infinity of your divine form”. This is what Arjuna prayed to Lord Krishna. Knowledge is vast and endless. Yet a small spring of knowledge is sufficient to bring contentment and peace to the soul.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s satsang of Art of Living.

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