Lord Shiva – brief details

History speaks well about Lord Shiva and suggests that he is not only a destroyer of evil spirits but he had offered himself many times to save men kind; one such example is “Samudra Manthan.” During that great event when poison extracted, which was strong enough to kill all people, everyone was scared that time and all went to Lord Shiva to save their lives. He himself drank the poison to save the earth and from that time he is called as “Neelkanth”. He had freed earth from terror of evil spirits many times by his “third eye”.

He is most down to earth God among 36 billion other Gods and prefers to live in Himalayas unlike other Gods. He is called “Ardh-nareshver” because in one his many forms Lord Shiva and Goddess Maha Maya come together and make a distinct entity. No other God has such power. These are few of millions of points which state the greatness and humble nature of lord Shiva and motivate all of us to worship him. We don’t need to please him by gold or other ornaments; the only thing requires is the true feelings and offering soul to him.

If somebody worships him with all faith, he will definitely listen to his pray. Most of the Hindus visit ancient Shiva temples on all auspicious days and religious important days according to the Hindu traditional calendar. Devotees and pilgrims visit most of the ancient Shiva temple for regular worship and prayer. The Lord is strongly believed to be wish fulfiller.

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