Lizard Astrology, Effects of lizard falling on body parts

The shastra that tells about the lizard falling effects is known as Lizard Astrology (Gowli Panchangam). The standard Astrology text, Muhurat Martand, explains the Palli dosham or the effects of lizard falling on our body parts. The chameleon also produces same results as the lizard. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is the auspicious mantra to chant when you have faced the situation of lizard falling.

If a lizard falls on right side of a man and the left side of a woman is considered auspicious and gives good results. Falling lizard on left portion of a man’s body and the right portion of body parts of women is considered inauspicious and produces negative effects or bad impact.

Falling of lizard during night is not considered for any result. It is not all give any negative or positive result.

Here is the detailed chart on the effects of lizard falling on body parts of men & women….

Daily Panchangam 2018

Lizard Falls on Eyes – Right Eye & Left Eye for Men and Women

Lizard Falling on Head for Men and Women

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  1. Komal waghela says:

    Plz lets me knw few days bck one dead lizards wz lying in kitchen, n knw today morning around 9:20am it crawled on my right upper side of tights….was does it indicates…m

  2. Hatinder sharma says:

    Hello sir.for how many times negative effect remain into existence. Or when this negative effect come to an end

  3. Ajith dev maulieshwaran says:

    When I came to my new room with in 1&1/2 hour the lizard fallen on my before fore arms

  4. suparna koley says:

    on 1st august 6 pm a lizard fell on the back of my head.I fear what will happen?my dob 4 th august shows duplicate comment. but I have never told outside.

  5. a.thenmozhirani says:

    Lizard falls on my right side hip 17/08/2017 at 7.39pm, what happens any problems?????

  6. Vishal Basaiwala says:

    A lizard touched my both foot one by one from left to right, thing happened around 3:45 a.m

    What does it mean ??

  7. Aadra says:

    Lizard fall near my both legs….my legs were one above other….Made some eye contact n suddenly I get up from couch n lizard disappear…
    What does it mean??

  8. kavya says:

    lizard falling my stomach at night in sleep

  9. Amala says:

    Lizard falling on head ….. What is the solution…

  10. Keka Basu Choudhury says:

    On Oct 15, 2017, lizard fell on my right arm elbow at 7.30pm

  11. panda pranavi says:

    Lizard failed. Side near my right thigh in early morning on 2 Jan 2018 by 5:45am Wt will happen

  12. ARUMUGAM D says:

    What happens when lizard falls on head

  13. ALOK KUMAR says:

    What happenes if lizard cross foot Right to left at 3:50 am.

  14. Lakshman says:

    Morning time lizard on my right arm is it good or bad

  15. Lakshman says:

    I am man morning 10 am when sleeping lizard on my right arm. Is it good or bad.

  16. jahnavi says:

    what happens if lizard falls on the left side of the hip.?

  17. Simi says:

    What happen if lizard fall on stomach of a female

  18. Vinod Kumar says:

    🦎 running on floor what’s the effect

  19. A. Bilal ahmed says:

    Whats happening lizard fall on left leg for men at night 12.05

  20. Roopa says:

    What happens if lizard falls on back side of mans neck


    Lizard has fallen into my right hand below the fingers suddenly iam a female so what happens please tell me correctly

  22. Ajes says:

    What will happen when lizard pees on a mans left side

  23. Dave says:

    Just now mr/ms.lizard fall on center of my head.. some said its illness for me.. whats the astrology says ? Pls advice.

  24. YASH says:

    If lizard fell on right chest near to shoulder at 1.25am?

  25. Darwin Felipe says:

    What will happen if lizard falls on man’s back..

  26. SravanS says:

    What happens if female step on lizard with right leg unknowingly at early morning ?

  27. Vijay says:

    Hi tonight lizard pee fallen on my face is it good or bad

  28. Minakshi says:

    Falling on back of man

  29. Latha says:

    What happens if Lizard falls on left temple in women

  30. Ananth kumar says:

    It fall in left neck

  31. What will happen if a cutted tail of lizard has fallen on the backside of the neck of male person

  32. Baisakhi Ray says:

    What happen if lizard falls on chest of female at night?

  33. Anand says:

    What happens if the lizzard falling on right thigh

  34. Srinivas Reddy says:

    Lizard fell on my back beow the neck at around 5 am

  35. SRINIVAS REDDY says:

    What happens when lizard falls on back (below the neck) of men at 5 am

  36. Divi Sai Kumar says:

    What happens when the lizard falls on the right side of the chest ?

  37. Venkatramanap says:

    Lizard fell on right ear and scrawled back onto shoulder back of men what would be the results

  38. Yashwanth says:

    What if camelion passes through right leg fingers except thumb(main finger) to leg

  39. Vinay says:

    Lizard falling on left leg(upon foot)

  40. Asutosh Parida says:

    Two lizards fall upon chest while sleeping what will happen?

  41. raj says:

    many Lizards died in my home due to the poison that we sprayed to the roof, we were not aware of this destruction .. I feel so bad and facing so many trobules in life like life threatening situations etc.. please help.. at least 20 lizards died big, small … later i realized its deaths.. now what should i do to come out of this Dosha..

  42. Pallavi says:

    Lizard falls under my right chest , exactly at ribs . wht will happen ? Could anyone plz tell me 😭

  43. Sonia Dhandapani says:

    Evening i was cleaning kitchen suddnly lizard ran on my left leg please siggest me wat to do im sarde

  44. Hari says:

    I stepped lizard with my left foot @7:30 pm

  45. priyanka priyam says:

    About 4 am early in the morning lezard falling from window parda to my left leg , what will be the effect of the same?

  46. Bhavana says:

    Today at 4:32 am lizard has fallen on my left hand finger (female)

  47. D. Sainandha kishore says:

    A lizard as fell on my left chest a ran through my left side of my head

  48. Shravani says:

    What happens if Lizard fall on left shoulder for women