Skanda Sashti Vratha Katha | Kanda Shashti Story

Kanda Shashti Story, Skanda Sashti story, Vritha Katha of Skanda Sashti. Kanda Shashti, is observed on the sixth day of the Tamil month Aippasi.

Skanda Sashti, also known as Kanda Shashti, is observed on the sixth day of the Tamil month Aippasi / Karthigai. It is observed for six days starting from the first day of Aippasi month/ Karthigai Masam.

The story or legend of Skanda Sashti describes the purpose of divine incarnation of Lord Skanda. Once, all the Gods including Lord Indra defeated in the hands of demon ‘Tarakasura. And all of them went to the creator of the universe, Lord Brahma, and prayed to him.

Lord Brahma said that only the spark of Lord Shiva can produce the hero who will destroy the powers of evil. But, Lord Shiva was in a deep meditation and no God was able to disturb him.

With the help of Goddess Parvati, Manmadha (God of Love), Agni, Vayu, Ganga Mata and Saravana (forest of arrow like grass), Gods succeeded to tend Lord Shiva to produce a ‘Divya Tejas (divine power) with six faces. Thus, Saravanabava Kumara was born.

Shanmukha became the General (Deve Senapathi) of the Gods army. Shanmukha fought with the armies of demons – Simhamukha, Surapadma and Tarakasura – in a six day battle and demolished all the demons on the sixth day. The rakshasas were demolished and the Gods were liberated.

Skanda Sashti 2021 dates – Skanda Sashti vratham starts on 5 November and ends on 10 November with Soorasamharam.

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    Please give me the meaning of the song thiru muruga vendrum uru tharu solam it is a song my mother used to sing and always cry at the end please help Jai