Legend of Gai Jatra: Story of Gai Jatra celebrated in Nepal

Gai Jatra is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal during Bhadra Maas. Gai Jatra is associated with the legend of King Pratap Malla. Pratap Malla was a King ruling Nepal. When he lost his son, his wife became mentally ill. The King was depressed seeing the Queens condition. He tried a lot to make his wife happy but he failed in his every attempt. At last, he announced that the one, who makes the Queen to smile, will be presented with gold and other forms of wealth.

Later, there was a procession of cows was arranged in which every section of people have participated and played every trick to make the Queen to smile. People of all social and economic played have played and made comedy on each other in a jubilant way. Thus, the Queen enjoyed the festivity and could not stop laughing. Since then, King has begun Gai Jatra as a tradition every year.

Gai Jatra or Gai Jatara 2012 date is August 3.

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