Lunar Eclipse in UAE, 16|17 July 2019 Time | Chandra Grahan in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse, on 16|17 July 2019 will be visible in UAE cities – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).

This Chandra Grahan will take place in Uttarashada Nakshatra; Dhanu Rashi and Makara Rashi; Vrishabha Lagna and Mithuna Lagna. This Chandra Grahan will be visible all over United Arab Emirates as a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

The timings of this Chandra Grahan are given here for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all parts of United Arab Emirates.. Those who believe rituals, can follow any ritual related to Lunar eclipse.

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As per the UAE Local Time, the timings of Chandra Grahan 16|17 2019

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse begins at – 10.44 PM, 16 July 2019 – Visible – Grahan Sparsha Kaal (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan starts)

Partial Lunar Eclipse begins at – 00.02 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Pakshika Chandra Grahan starts

Mid Eclipse at – 01.31 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Grahan Madhya Kaal (Madhya Chandra Grahan)

Partial Lunar Eclipse ends at – 3.00 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Pakshika Chandra Grahan Moksha Kaala

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ends at – 4.18 AM, 17 July 2019 – Visible – Grahan Antya Kaal (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan ends)

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