Laughter heals diseases

Laughter is the best medicine for most of our diseases at this current situation of our life. Daily we are facing lot of challenges and difficulties in our life. In order to overcome it, we must concentrate our mind on some entertainment activities during our leisure time, like, watching comedy shows in the TV or YouTube, and visiting Humour clubs.

A comedian is a person whose main job is to entertain others, and also he makes them to forget their worries through his jokes. Comedians are there from ancient periods, and amongst the famous comedians, Sri Tenali Raman, a great Kali Ma Devotee, is considered as the best comedian, who lived during the 16th century AD, and he used to make meaningful comedies in the court of the great king Sri Krishna Devaraya, and used to entertain him, and also entertains the family members of Krishna Devaraya.

In the recent period, Film comedians have occupied a great role in the Film Industry, and through their comic roles, they have entertained the whole world. Famous comedians like Nagesh, Chandrababu, N.S.Krishnan and Thangavelu are still being remembered by us through their timely jokes performed in the Cinemas. Though comedians have entertained the people with their humour, but in their real lives, some of them suffered a lot. Chandra Babu, who was a great comedian, in Tamil Cinema during 1950’s and 1960’s was died due to his debts, even though he earned a decent remuneration for his films in those days.

Similarly the great N.S.Krishanan, also fondly called by his fans and admirers as N.S.K, was sentenced to prison for a few years, due to a murder case. But however, we cannot tell that all the comedians suffered in their life. It is all based on their bad fate.

In general we have to appreciate the efforts of the comedy actors, since they are relaxing our mind through their good performances. Few years ago, I have studied in a magazine, that when a lady was about to commit suicide, accidentally she saw the running TV, and in that, a famous comedian’s show was telecasted. By seeing that, the lady stopped her suicide attempt and enjoyed the scene. Then she telephoned and thanked to the comedy actor, and briefed about the incident.

Likewise, many people’s sorrows are being turned into happiness, by enjoying the comedy scenes from the TV’s, Internet and from the Cinema Theatres. Everyone must contain some humour sense in their life. If we look serious, and live a serious life, then at our middle age, we would have to suffer from lot of diseases like high blood pressure, hyper tension, sugar and cholesterol etc. I am also doing this writing service, in order to entertain others, as well as to develop the “BHAKTI” on the almighty in the minds of the readers.

Humour club also called as laughter club exists in the city of Chennai for several years. Before 40 to 50 years, there are lot of humour clubs in Chennai, but at present only a few clubs are operating in Chennai city. Among those few clubs, clubs situated in Triplicane, Tambaram and Besant Nagar are actively functioning still now, with few of its members.

These clubs are operating for providing some sort of mental relaxation and giving entertainment to the people, and they are not aiming only for monetary gain. But due to the changing scenario, most of the people are not interested to join in this club. Due to the advanced technology, during Sundays, people are highly interested to sit before Computer and Television, and they don’t want to spend their time towards going to these types of clubs.
These humour clubs would be functioning only on one or two Sundays in a month, with a small strength of people. Some clubs are charging very nominal fee from their members, and a few clubs are not at all charging fees from their members. Some clubs also would provide snacks and coffee to their members at their request.

The activities of the club would start in the morning, and it would end within a few hours. The chief guest attending the Humour Club would cool the minds of the members with his excellent jokes. Most of the members attending the sessions would bring their children also, in order to enjoy the funny moment in their life.

It is our duty to encourage the humour clubs in the city, by telling about the significance of humour clubs to our friends and relatives, and we must bring them to the clubs during Sundays, in order to enjoy the funniest moments in our life. By participating in the humour clubs, we would get great mental pressure and all of our worries would fly away from our mind, at least for some time, and we can relax ourselves by watching the funny jokes. Hence, let us give our full co-operation to the humour clubs, by participating as a member in the clubs.

Hence let us spend some of our time towards listening to comedy shows and towards engaging ourselves in doing some productive activity.


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