Lalita Panchami 2022 in Kolhapur Temple

Lalita Panchami 2022 in Kolhapur Temple, Lalita Panchami 2022 celebrations in Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple.

In 2022, Navratri begins on September 26 with Ghatasthapana and ends on October 4 with Mahanavami. Lalita Panchami date is September 30.

Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple is the most important Shakti Peethas in Maharashtra, and one of the Astadasa Shaktipeeth (18 most famous temples of Goddess Shakti). Kolhapur is a district headquarters in Maharashtra and well connected with Pune and Mumbai.

Mahalakshmi temple complex of Kolhapur also enshrines Mahakali, Maha Saraswati, along with Mahalakshmi. ‘Karavira Mahatmya’ states the legend, origin, and importance of Kolhapur Shakti Peeth.

On Lalita Panchami day, at 7 AM and 10 AM Abhishek  is performed along with the other routine rituals. At 10 AM, the litter of the Goddess is given one canon salute and it leaves the temple premises to visit Goddess Tryambuli’s temple which is at a short distance from the main temple in Kolhapur. En route it halts at Shahu Mill and Takala for Puja and Aarti. The procession reaches Goddess Tryambuli’s temple by noon.

The Chhatrapati (the local royal ruler) performs Kushmandabali (breaking a pumpion gourd into two with a sword. This represents killing of the enemy) in the presence of an unmarried girl from the Patil family from Kasba Bavda, near Kolhapur. The litter returns to the temple at 2 PM later an Aarti is done. In the evening the litter is carried in procession around the temple itself.

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