Lakshavarti Vrat

Lakshavarti Vrat is an auspicious austerity to start in any of these three months – Vaishakh Maas, Kartik Maas or Magh Maas. Vaishakh Maas is considered highly auspicious and meritorious to begin this Vrata.

Lakshavarti Vrat is performed from Purnima day for three months. If anyone begins this Vrata in Vaishakh Purnima, then it ends on Ashada Purnima; starts with Kartik Purnima, ends with Poush Purnima; starts on Magha Purnima and ends with Chaitra Purnima.

During this Vrata, everyday 1000 diyas are lit and offered Aarti and Puja to Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma Deva, Savitri, Shiva and Uma.

Lakshavarti Vrat is mentioned in Vayu Purana. This is different Vrata from Bilva Laksha Vrat and Rudra Lakshavari Vrata.

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