Bilva Laksha Vrat (Laksha Bilva Vratham)

Bilva Laksha Vrat (Laksha Bilva Vratham) is observed in any of these months – Vaishakh Month, Shravan Month, Kartik Month or Magh Month.

This Vrat is performed by men or women. One lakh or one crore diyas are lighted in front of Shivling. The Bilva wicks of these diyas are dipped in cow ghee and the diyas are filled with the ghee. This vrat is performed either in Shiva Temple, Goshala or on the banks of Ganga River or any other sacred river.

If it is not possible for lighting one lakh diyas on a single day, it can be done in daily installments i.e. three thousand diyas a day for a month.

Bilva Laksh Vrata is performed for wealth, children and fulfillment of other desires. This Vrat katha and Vrat vidhi is mentioned in detail in ‘Varshakriyaa Deepak’.

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