Kururamma, ardent devotee of Guruvayoorappan

Kururamma (1570–1640 AD) was an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayoorappan. She belongs to Namboodri family and born in a village at Thrissur district, Kerala. From her younger age itself she was deeply devoted with Lord Krishna of Guruvayur.

As a child, Kururamma would worship the holy temple, with great joy along with her parents and offer sincere prayers to the Lord. She will also perform puja and chant the mantra to please the divine child.

Kururamma got married and very soon, her husband was died, who was a boy at that time. After the passage of several years, she has become old, and no one was there to take care of her. Hence, she began treating the holy divine child Guruvayurapan as her own child, and used to offer holy Prasad and several food items to the deity.

In course of time, due to his sincere devotion on the god, she has become mad, and started discussing with the Lord and thought about him only. She even didn’t eat proper food, and kept his share of food to be served to Guruvayurappan. Due to her pure bhakti, one day, the Lord appears in front of her, in the form of a boy, and introduces himself as an orphan child, without disclosing his true form.

Kururamma didn’t realise that the boy was none other than her beloved Guruvayurappan, and treated him like an ordinary child, but showed great kindness and affection on him. Everybody witnessed the boy at her home, and keeping their eyes on him, since he looked so beauty and cute. Even he has helped Kuraramma in doing her daily household activities like cutting vegetables, and cooking the food, and also used to serve food to the guests.


Kururamma has also done lot of miracles in the life of the devotees of Guruvayurappan. Once, she relieved the stomach pain of a Brahmin Scholar through the grace of Lord Krishna. She relieved the diseases of several people, by offering Lord Krishna’s holy Prasad butter. She hasmaintained friendly relationship with another great saint and an ardent devotee Sri Vilwamangalam Swamigal, to whom Sri Guruvayurappan has given darshan for several times, and blessed him.

Kururamma due to her sincere devotion on Lord Krishna, after living a pious life for several years, died at her old age and attained SALVATION.
Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.


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