Kumbhothsavam at Srisailam Temple

Kumbhothsavam is the most important festival at Srisailam Temple in which various offerings are made to Goddess Bhramaramba Devi. This festival celebrates on the first Tuesday or Friday (which ever first comes) after full moon day of Chaitra masam (Chaitra Purnima) as per Hindu calendar.

It is said that on this day the Goddess is ferocious and so that various poojas like Navavarana, Trisathi, Khadgamala etc., are performed in Ekantham i.e., the doors of Bhramaramba temple remain closed and Archakas themselves performed poojas and there will not be usual darshanam at that time.

In the evening a man who dressed saree like a woman comes to the temple to offer harathi to the Goddess named as Kumbhaharathi and at time the doors of the temples will open. After performing of Kumbha Harathi the Goddess is covered with large quantity of Turmeric and Kumkuma and then Satvikabali i.e., Kumbham (large quantity of cooked rice), breaking of Pumpkins, Coconuts on a large number and thousands of lemons etc., are offered to Goddess.

On this day the local tribal people called as Chenchus themselves engage in tribe dances before the Goddess and their prominence is much more in the celebrations.

According to tradition it is known that in ancient days there is Vamachara Sampradayam in which Human and Animal sacrifices are practiced in the temple. Later the Advaitha Philosopher Adi Sankara who is believed to have lived in 5th, 6th century A.D., put an end for the Vamachara Cult and introduced Dakshinachara cult in which the Satvikabali (offering of Pumpkins, Coconuts etc) was taken place.

At the afternoon of Kumbhothsavam day Annabhishekam is performed to God Mallikarjuna Swamy and after this the deity is covered with curd rice and temple doors remain closed till the early hours of next day.

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