Kumbha Rashi Chandra Grahan July 2019 Astrology Predictions | Lunar Eclipse Results for Kumbha Rasi

Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan July 2019 astrology predictions for Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius zodiac). This lunar eclipse may fetch Good or Positive results.

Expectations from you would increase on family front even at professional front. Gain in immovable properties is on cards for Kumbha rashi natives.

Kumbha rashi natives (Dhanishta Nakshatra 3rd and 4th quarter, Shatabhisha or Shatatara nakshatram, and Purvabhadra nakshatra 1, 2 & 3 quarters natives) will suffer from minor ailments in terms of health due to restlessness in work and family life.

Since the effect or the impact of this lunar eclipse will be there till next lunar eclipse, we need to be careful about each event as it happens.. We’ll discuss each aspect which will be impacted by this lunar eclipse here… Finance, Education, Business, Career, Health, Family Relations..

Take care regarding the issues related to You / Your..

  1. Financial and family issues
  2. Spouse (husband / wife)
  3. Health issues
  4. Travelling
  5. Second child

Career wise, you would witness considerable improvement but your improvement goes unrecognized.

Even though, there will be no considerable growth in terms of money, you will witness average situations at domestic life according to Chandra Grahan of July 2018 astrology predictions. Be sure that you not loss your patience and take care that you don’t hurt anyone.


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Take thoughtful decisions on proposals received in job and profession. You will have to give priority to duties than emotions on your family front. Travel would be beneficial.

This period is little favorable for Kumbh rasi natives in terms of mental peace. Income will be good. Businessmen should avoid adventure and competition.

Due to unexpected and busy traveling schedule, you may lose your comfort levels and confidence range.

All in all, this lunar eclipse (Chandra grahanam) may bring some average results to Kumbha rashi natives (Aquarius moon sign).

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