Kumar Sashti 2017 | Kumara Shashti

Kumar Sashti or Kumara Shashti is a festival dedicated to Lord Kumara swamy (Skanda, Muruga, Kartikeya, and Subramanya). In 2017, Kumar Sashti date is June 29.

It is observed on the sixth day in bright fortnight of Ashada maas. Kumara Sasthi is referred to as the birthday of Lord Kumara swamy or as Kumara Jayanti.

Kumar Sashti is an important festival of Nepal. Most of the devotees observe fasting on Kumar Sasthi day.

Skanda Panchami and Subramanya Sashti are other major festivals dedicated to Lord Subramanya.

In 2016, Kumar Sashti date was July 10.

In 2015, Kumar Sashti date was July 22.

In 2014, Kumar Sashti date was July 3.

In 2013, Kumar Sashti date was July 14.

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